JRACCE provide high level project management by overseeing all aspects of activities in pursuit our client project goals, allocating resources, managing
budgets, and coordinating overall effects to achieve our clients specific desired results. We provide services in not excluding the following:

Quality Planning, Assurance and


Project Resource Management.

Resource Planning, Development and Management.

Project Communication Management.

Information Distribution and

Performance Reporting.

Project Risk Management.

Risk Management Planning.

Risk Identification.

Qualitative Risk Analysis.

Quantitative Risk Analysis.

Risk Monitoring and Control.

Project Procurement Management.

Project Process Flow Diagrams.

Project Integration Management.

Project Scope Management.

Scope Planning, Defining, Verification and Control.

Project Time Management.

Definition, Sequencing, Resource.

Estimation, Activities & Duration


Schedule Development and Control.

Project Cost Management.

Cost Estimating, Budgeting and Cost


Project Quality Management.

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Our Vision is to become today’s

leaders in engineering solutions.

Our mission is to take civil

engineering to the higher level

We embrace the culture of total

quality management “value before the price”by giving all our clients value for their money.