Julian Raphasha & Associate Civil Consulting cc is a black owned company that focus in

providing consulting services, project

management and construction management in

infrastructure developments.







JRACCE has been conceived in 1998, when the CEO, Mr. M.J. Raphasha and other associates took a career in civil engineering. It is with the vision of being “TODAY’S LEADERS

IN ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS” that the members of JRACCE have successfully completed

various projects in South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Swaziland, Ethiopia, Zambia and Nigeria under the auspices of other consulting engineering companies in South Africa. Having established a good engineering experience and with the need to take engineering to higher levels, it was concluded that the company that will take a lead in engineering solutions is required, then JRACCE was established in the year 2008.


JRACCE brings excellent engineering solutions in all fields of civil engineering by providing the most safest and cost-effective designs, excellent project management to ensure

on-time delivery of various project and high class construction supervision and

management to ensure that a well managed, design project is carried out through to

excellent construction practice. We embrace the culture of total quality management: “value before the price” by giving all our clients value for their money in infrastructure development.

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Julian Raphasha







Our Vision is to become today’s

leaders in engineering solutions.

Our mission is to take civil

engineering to the higher level

We embrace the culture of total

quality management “value before the price”by giving all our clients value for their money.